Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Xia Xia Trinidad the orange hermit crab

Meet Xia Xia Trinidad the orange funny crab to collect. Trinidad has orange body and comes with orange shell and orange kooky friend alarm clock. If you like him vote for him on th official website. The best friend of Trinidad is of course Tobago the blue Xia Xia crab with strong personality and good sense of humor.
Xia Xia Trinidad
Sha Sha crabs love to chill out, dance and play, you also can join the Xia Xia Party it's gonna be lots of fun.
These cute electronic toys are great find for all the moms who have little kids. Young boys and girls will love to play with Sha Sha toys, because they are funny, colorful, collectible and so cute. It's also very easy to control your crab pet and it's not gonna be broken easily. I definitely recommend this toys for boys and girls ages 3 and up. Xia Xia Crab Toys are so much fun!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Xia Xia Crab Bimini

Meet Bimini the Xia Xia hermit crab who like dance sing and play with friends. Bimini is very energetic and artistic girl crab who loves to come up with new games and entertainments. Her best friend is Turks, together they like to go shopping, watch cartoon on TV, dance, sing and arrange parties.
Bimini's favorite color is purple, it's a color of her body and native shell. She has big beautiful eyes and little friend cupcake who likes to ride on top of her shell and suggest to Bimini various useful ideas. It's lots of dun in Xia Xia world everyday, join, collect, trade and connect!

Xia Xia Purple Crab - Bimini

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

One more Sha Sha Crabs giveaway

Hey Xia Xia Pets fans there is one more chance to win your Sha Sha friends online for free!
I posted one more link with giveaway for you below. Good luck!
How to get Xia Xia Crab for free.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Xia Xia Pets are the hottest toys of this Holiday 2011

Toys"R"Us announced the Holiday Hot Toys List 2011. It's 15 best toys of this year 2011 plus 20 more rising toys to check. Unfortunately Xia Xia Pets are not in the list of 15, but they are in the first place in the list of 20. So what do you think are Xia Xia Hermit Crabs gonna to win the toy competition this Christmas 2011? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Where to find giveaway for Xia Xia Pets

Xia Xia or Sha Sha Pets Giveaway!
Read here how to win your first Sha Sha hermit crab.

Xia Xia Pets Family

Here the entire family of Xia Xia hermit crabs, shells and kooky friends. Looks really cool! Love these cuties even more than earlier.
Sha Sha Hermit Crabs Family

Xia Xia Pets on Facebook

Finally the manufacturer of Xia Xia Pets crated a page on Facebook, now we can find new pics and information about these cute hermit crab toys there too. Here the link. Just look at these cute pics, the whole Sha Sha family together, isn't it lovely?