Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Xia Xia Trinidad the orange hermit crab

Meet Xia Xia Trinidad the orange funny crab to collect. Trinidad has orange body and comes with orange shell and orange kooky friend alarm clock. If you like him vote for him on th official website. The best friend of Trinidad is of course Tobago the blue Xia Xia crab with strong personality and good sense of humor.
Xia Xia Trinidad
Sha Sha crabs love to chill out, dance and play, you also can join the Xia Xia Party it's gonna be lots of fun.
These cute electronic toys are great find for all the moms who have little kids. Young boys and girls will love to play with Sha Sha toys, because they are funny, colorful, collectible and so cute. It's also very easy to control your crab pet and it's not gonna be broken easily. I definitely recommend this toys for boys and girls ages 3 and up. Xia Xia Crab Toys are so much fun!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Xia Xia Crab Bimini

Meet Bimini the Xia Xia hermit crab who like dance sing and play with friends. Bimini is very energetic and artistic girl crab who loves to come up with new games and entertainments. Her best friend is Turks, together they like to go shopping, watch cartoon on TV, dance, sing and arrange parties.
Bimini's favorite color is purple, it's a color of her body and native shell. She has big beautiful eyes and little friend cupcake who likes to ride on top of her shell and suggest to Bimini various useful ideas. It's lots of dun in Xia Xia world everyday, join, collect, trade and connect!

Xia Xia Purple Crab - Bimini

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

One more Sha Sha Crabs giveaway

Hey Xia Xia Pets fans there is one more chance to win your Sha Sha friends online for free!
I posted one more link with giveaway for you below. Good luck!
How to get Xia Xia Crab for free.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Xia Xia Pets are the hottest toys of this Holiday 2011

Toys"R"Us announced the Holiday Hot Toys List 2011. It's 15 best toys of this year 2011 plus 20 more rising toys to check. Unfortunately Xia Xia Pets are not in the list of 15, but they are in the first place in the list of 20. So what do you think are Xia Xia Hermit Crabs gonna to win the toy competition this Christmas 2011? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Where to find giveaway for Xia Xia Pets

Xia Xia or Sha Sha Pets Giveaway!
Read here how to win your first Sha Sha hermit crab.

Xia Xia Pets Family

Here the entire family of Xia Xia hermit crabs, shells and kooky friends. Looks really cool! Love these cuties even more than earlier.
Sha Sha Hermit Crabs Family

Xia Xia Pets on Facebook

Finally the manufacturer of Xia Xia Pets crated a page on Facebook, now we can find new pics and information about these cute hermit crab toys there too. Here the link. Just look at these cute pics, the whole Sha Sha family together, isn't it lovely?

Are the Xia Xia Pets need batteries?

Xia Xia Pets or Sha Sha Hermit crabs are electronic toys, which means they need batteries to become alive. What type of batteries you need and how to change them easily, you can find in the instruction. Each crab comes in individual pack with enclosed instruction, it's a small piece of sheet which shows you what parts toy consists from and how to handle little troubles you can have. For example toy become walk very slow or it doesn't react on your touches, it seems that it run out of batteries, so go ahead and change them. If you've got some trouble with your Xia Xia crab, tell us in comments and we all will try to help you to solve it.

Monday, October 17, 2011

What are Xia Xia little friends?

What are Xia Xia little friends?
Xia Xia little friends are the tiny figures coming with Xia Xia hermit crab toys. These little friends can ride on the top of crabs shells and also you can store them inside these shells. All these little friends are unique and high collectible. Each Xia Xia crab toy comes with one little friend to collect and each pack with additional Xia Xia shell comes with two little friends inside. Can't wait to get all of them, and what about you? How many Xia Xia little friends do you have?

Shah Shah Hermit Crabs

Shah Shah or Xia Xia Hermit crabs are the newest and hottest toys of this year 2011. They definitely are going on the Christmas list of every little boy and girl. These toys are the latest release by Cepia LLC very huge toy company, I said very huge, because they made Zhu Zhu Pets and  DaGeDar and many other cool toys for kids. They definitely know what kids like and how to surprise them. Just look at Sha Sha crabs they come with removable shells and little collectible Xia Xia friends, that can ride on top of hermit crab toys or can be stored inside their shells.
These crabs acts very close to Zhu Zhu Pets, Xia Xia or Sha Sha or Shah Shah pets have built-in sensors. When they meet a barrier they go back and turn around to switch the direction. Sensors are built-in in their claws, so if you touch them crabs start to react. Therefore Cepia's hermit crabs are nore only movable, cool, colorful and funny toys, they are also interactive little pets, that can interact with kids, habitats and each other. For now there are only four characters: Turks, Tobago, Trinidad and Bimini, but you can increase your crab family by changing their shells and creating new personages. Also I'm looking forward to see more Xia Xia (Sha Sha) crabs toys, shells and habitats released. Stay in contact for more information and latest news, and please support us on Facebook and join us on Twitter.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The first Xia Xia Pets commercial

Enjoy the first Xia Xia (Sha Sha) Pets commercial on youtube:

These hermit crabs are so funny, can't stop laughing watching little Bimini dancing in front of the camera. What's your first expression, share your thought in the comments. I hope you injoy watching it.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Xia Xia Pets Giveaways

If you know about the Xia Xia Pets giveaway please share the link in the comments.
In this post we are gathering all the information about all the giveaways related to Xia Xia crab toys for our readers to try their luck.
Thanks everyone who posted the links and good luck you guys!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Xia Xia (Sha Sha) Crabs, Shells and Playsets

The first Xia Xia commercial is appeared on TV and funny Sha Sha crabs dancing, playing and scurrying all around their playsets. You can find the Xia Xia commercial here.
 Hope you like it. Share you thought in the comments below. For me just, the brand sound very strange it seems Sha Sha or Shah Shah instead of Xia Xia, anyway crabs are very cute!
I added a couple of screen-shots from the TV video, hope you like them too.
Xia Xia (Sha Sha TV commercial)

Xia Xia (Sha Sha TV commercial)

What are Xia Xia little friends?

Like you all already know Xia Xia crabs come wearing nice and colorful shells. Inside each such shell, there is a tiny Xia Xia little friend. The additional shells that sold separately includes not one but almost two tiny collectible creatures. It can be cupcake, alarm clock character and so on. All they little toys can ride on top of crab's shell. They are so cute and high collectible. Here I attached the pic of entire Xia Xia world, you can see little tiny toys right next to the crabs.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Xia Xia Crabs

Last time I posted the first pic of Xia Xia Bimini crab wich is appeared on the official website. Today they published the rest three cartoon style Hermit crabs. I'm sure you want to see the pics, so I decided to make screen-shots and show them here. I hope you like them and I also hope that Xia Xia website will be opened soon for more pics, games and information about these cute crabs. Can't wait to see new characters and play online games (if they'd make free Xia Xia online it will be awesome). For now Enjoy the pics.
Xia Xia Bimini

Xia Xia Tobago

Xia Xia Trinidad

Xia Xia Turks

Xia Xia Crabs - the Hot Holiday Toys

We all remember the crazy popularity of Zhu Zhu Pets in 2009. For this Holiday 2011 the manufacturer of Zhu Zhu Pets Cepia LLC toy company prepared another hit - the toy Hermit crabs named Xia Xia Pets. They are are still not available for purchase but they already named the hottest toy for this Christmass 2011.
James Russell Hornsby the CEO of Cepia said:
"We are honored to be included on this list. Just as it was for ZhuZhu Pets® in 2009, we feel this is a very positive sign for Xia-Xia. We hope this means Xia-Xia will be put on yet another important list - the one kids make this holiday season."
And what do you think about Xia Xia Crabs? Are your kids gonna love them? Please comment below and let us know your parent's opinion.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Xia Xia Playsets

We already told about the crabs and the shells to change the crab styles. Today I show you three available Xia Xia habitats. Yes, for now there are only 3 Xia Xia playsets designed for little Hermit crab toys. And here they are:
Confetti Cottage
Copacabana Playset
Rio de Trio Village Playset
In one of my future post I'm going to review each of them one by one in details, but today I just want to show all of them and named all of them. So here the pics:
Confetti Cottage

Copacabana Playset

Rio de Trio Village Playset

What I like about Xia Xia habitats is that they are very colorful and very entertaining. It's kind of candy colors – very light, rich, almost pastel, but still bright and catchy. All playsets are different, but you can connect them to each other easily. Also each habitat is very great starter set, but all together they made really funny and vary Xia Xia world. My favorite to start from is Xia Xia Confetti Cottage, it's small but roomy, there are two levels and several rooms. Xia Xia Copacabana Playset is a house with backyard, it's also great to start from. And the last but not least is Xia Xia Rio de Trio Village Playset, the biggest and most entertaining. It's several rooms and swimming pool connected to each other. Hope you like this new Xia Xia toys and check back soon for more news and reviews.

Xia Xia Crabs Shells

You already know a bit the Xia Xia Crabs, now lets find out what's else hidden inside crabs shells. First of all there are 12 different styles of shells to let you transforming your Hermit crabs and change their styles. These shells as you can guessed are interchangeable and removable, which means you can easily stick them out and replace with new another shape and color shell. Xia Xia shells sold separately from crabs, what's more each new shell comes with two little Xia friends inside, which is a big surprise to collect them all. All 12 additional collectible shells come in candy colors bright and rich: pink, yellow, blue, green, purple, red, lilac, some of shells have glowing dots and another very cool patterns, and all of them very catchy and beautiful. Here I want to show you some of these cool Xia Xia crab shells, hope you like it and see you next time for the Xia Xia playsets and habitats.
Red Shell

Green and Pink Shell

Lavender Shell

Blue with Chick Shell

Yellow Green and Purple Shell

Orange Shell

Pink and Green Shell

Purple and White Shell

Xia Xia Characters

There are 4 Xia Xia Hermit crabs:

Bimini the purple crab
Turks the pink girlish crab
Trinidad the orange funny guy
Tobago the blue boyish crab



Monday, October 10, 2011

How to pronounce Xia Xia Pets

I'm sure you all are wondering what are the Xia Xia Pets and how to pronounce this strange world. So the right way to pronounce Xia Xia is Sha Sha and these pets are little crabs how like to change their magical shells. Each time when you change the shell you get new surprise inside it.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Is there an official website for Xia-Xia Pets?

Some of you obviously are interested to visit the official website of Xia Xia pets. Here it is click here to visit the official website.

I also attached the screen-shot from the site, it's still under construction, but it's already very cute and colorful. I hope you like the picture, it's very sweet. See you soon, next time I'm going to show you the picture of available Xia Xia crabs and playsets.

What Xia Xia Pets Blog is about?

Hey, guy! This is Xia Xia Pets blog and the first post. Here we are going to share all the information about new Xia Xia )
I'm sure you are wondering what it's about? Xia Xia pets or better to say toys are the latest new cute little toys by Cepia LLC. It's a huge collection of tiny interactive crabs that can dance and play to each other. The first release will include four Xia Xia crabs: Bimini, Turks, Trinidad, Tobago, plus 12 shells for you to trade and 3 playsets to connect.
So stay tuned for the latest information on Xia Xia Pets. When they will be released and how much are they? Also don't be shy to comment and share your opinion. See you soon!