Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Xia Xia Crabs Shells

You already know a bit the Xia Xia Crabs, now lets find out what's else hidden inside crabs shells. First of all there are 12 different styles of shells to let you transforming your Hermit crabs and change their styles. These shells as you can guessed are interchangeable and removable, which means you can easily stick them out and replace with new another shape and color shell. Xia Xia shells sold separately from crabs, what's more each new shell comes with two little Xia friends inside, which is a big surprise to collect them all. All 12 additional collectible shells come in candy colors bright and rich: pink, yellow, blue, green, purple, red, lilac, some of shells have glowing dots and another very cool patterns, and all of them very catchy and beautiful. Here I want to show you some of these cool Xia Xia crab shells, hope you like it and see you next time for the Xia Xia playsets and habitats.
Red Shell

Green and Pink Shell

Lavender Shell

Blue with Chick Shell

Yellow Green and Purple Shell

Orange Shell

Pink and Green Shell

Purple and White Shell

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