Sunday, October 9, 2011

What Xia Xia Pets Blog is about?

Hey, guy! This is Xia Xia Pets blog and the first post. Here we are going to share all the information about new Xia Xia )
I'm sure you are wondering what it's about? Xia Xia pets or better to say toys are the latest new cute little toys by Cepia LLC. It's a huge collection of tiny interactive crabs that can dance and play to each other. The first release will include four Xia Xia crabs: Bimini, Turks, Trinidad, Tobago, plus 12 shells for you to trade and 3 playsets to connect.
So stay tuned for the latest information on Xia Xia Pets. When they will be released and how much are they? Also don't be shy to comment and share your opinion. See you soon!

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